Sky Birds International optical time-domain reflectometer is the testing equipment that is utilized to assess the signal loss inside the fiber by sending out pulses into the fiber and calculates the level of the dispersed signal. With the below figure, the optical time-domain reflectometer working principle can be easily understood.
These are of conventional type and they have extremely rich features, larger and have minimal portability. These are employed in laboratories and they get powered either through batteries or AC.
These are constructed to analyze and resolve issues in fiber networks. These are easily operated, and minimal weight type of OTDR’s.
The rapidly growing need for more data, whether it is at home, in businesses or on mobile devices, has placed increased demands on communication service providers to increase bandwidth by migrating their networks to technologies that run on fiber optic cables. 
Designed specifically for communication service providers who install, maintain and troubleshoot optical networks, Deviser’s fiber optics portfolio covers a wide range of technologies, including OTDRs and CWDM/DWDM channel analyzers. 
EXFO’s OTDR software: Boosting productivity in the field.Auto and Advanced Modes to streamline data acquisition in the field and report generation back at the office.
Great display legibility for outdoor work and For installation and maintenance crews, working outdoors goes with the territory. Switch between black and white display backgrounds as needed and enjoy great legibility even in the brightest daylight.
An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a precision instrument used to locate events or faults along a fiber link, typically within an optical communications network. The OTDR launches a series of high speed optical pulses into the fiber to be measured.
Our broad lineup of OTDR’s offer cost performance, field durability, and applicable dynamic range. With thirty years of innovation in reflectometry design we deliver technology solutions where you need them most.