SBINT-2408-HDMI Encoder Modulator


  • Support LOGO, OSD and QR code insertion for every local channe l (Language Support: E nglish, العرةب ي , ไทย, हि◌न ् द , руская, اردو , form ore langua ges p lease consult us
  • 4 /8/12HD MI in put,M PEG-4 AVC/H.26 4 Video enco ding.
  • 1 DVB-C tunerin put for re-mux (onl yfo rDVB-C R F out and su ita ble for India market).
  • 1 28IP in puto verU DPa nd RTP protocol
  • MPEG1 Layer II Audio encoding and support audio gain adjustment
  • 4 groups of multiplexing/scrambling/modulating output channels
  • 4 DVB-C or DVB-T RF out
  • Support 4 MPTS IP (DATA1 port only) output over UDP and RTP
  • Support PID remapping/accurate PCR adjusting/PSI/SI editing and inserting.
  • Control via web management, and easy updates via web


Product Overview

SBINT-2408-HDMI Encoder Modulator is a professional high integration device which includes
encoding, multiplexing, scrambling and modulating. It supports 8 HDMI input, one DVB-C tuner
input and 128 IP input with Data1 (GE) and Data2 (FE) port. It also supports DVB-C RF ou t with
4 adjacent carries, and support Data1 (GE) output port to support 4 MPTS out. This full fun ction
device ma kes it id eal fo r s mall C ATV head end system , an d it ’ s a sm art cho ice for h ote l TV sy stem,
entertainment sy stem in s ports b ar, hospital, apartment…


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